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Millie and Ford: Chapter One

Our Story begins on a small island off the coast of South America near Argentina, called the Falkland Islands. There are many different animals that live on the Falkland Islands such as sheep, ducks, birds, seals and, penguins. It is also the home of two very special penguins named Millie and Ford. They are Magellanic Penguins, named after the famous Explorer Ferdinand Magellan, who was the first explorer to sail around the world.

The Milford Beacon interviews Bill Pilecki President of the Milford Aquarium, Inc

Interview with Bill Pilecki

Interview with Bill Pilecki Mike Finney of the Dover Post and the Milford Beacon Interviewed Bill Pilecki the President of the Milford Aquarium. This is from the April 1, 2015 edition. Pilecki and the board’s vision is to bring a regional sized aquarium to Delaware and the City of Milford. It will be an entertainment […]

Patrick Bailey, VP Milford Aquarium, accepts a $1000 donation from Douglas Morrow, representing Sea Watch International LTD.

Plans Continue for Aquarium

Looking to build aquarium in next two years Bill Pilecki and Patrick Bailey have been working hard on a project they both believe will not only bring economic benefits to Milford, but will also help enhance education throughout the state. The two men are members of the board of directors for Milford Aquarium, Inc., a […]

Article about Milford Aquarium featured in the Milford Chronicle

Support for Aquarium Grows

Planned Attraction could be economic boost to region Like the schools of fish it plans to showcase, the Milford Aquarium is swimming along and its supporters are growing. Started during a discussion at a City of Milford the Economic Development Advisory Panel in 2012, the Milford Aquarium project was created to bring tourists and their […]

Redners Wholesale Markets Ongoing Promotion

Redner’s Warehouse Markets Ongoing Promotion

Redner’s Warehouse Markets has an ongoing promotion to support the Milford Aquarium by donating 1% of all cash register receipts donated to the Milford Aquarium. Please support this fundraising program by bringing your Redner’s cash register receipts to any of our events or to: Mid-State Insurance Agency 628 Milford-Harrington Hwy (route 14) Milford, DE 19963 […]


Membership has grown

Membership has grown to 200 individual & family members.

Recently we have received grants and donations from the following . . .


Recent Grants and Donations

The Milford Aquarium has recently received grants/donations and now have over 140 individual and family members. Thank you for your assistance in the development of the Milford Aquarium Inc.

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